Waterproof floors are most commonly called:

LVP / Luxury Vinyl Planks

Another type that has gained a lot of popularity is

SPC / Stone Polymer Core

Over the last few years, Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring has become the most popular flooring in the world.  It looks just like wood, it's got a great feel when you walk on it, and it's 100% waterproof.  

Commonly referred to as "vinyl", this ain't your grandma's rolled out vinyl sheets!  In contrast to the old rolled sheets of thin vinyl that look and feel cheap, today's luxury vinyl is at a whole new level.  The floors come in rigid core planks, and have a high-density acoustic sound barrier pad attached to the back, and look fantastic when they are installed properly.

We ourselves really like the SPC floors, because there is 70% crushed limestone in the core, making them even more durable and eco-friendly:)...here's some of our most popular SPC colors:

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